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Use engineered stone for an "almost" natural look and enhanced durability

There is nothing more beautiful than natural stone with its variants and depth of colors. However, maintenance can be an obstacle to the enjoyment of granite or other stones, especially in the kitchen.

Quartz engineered stone is a wonderful alternative. It is about the same price as natural slabs, but its durability far surpasses any true stone. Engineered stone is a composite - 93% quartz plus 7% binding resins and pigmentation. The composition process makes it non-porous and it never needs sealing. It is bacteria resistant and will not stain from fruit juices, wine, or coffee.

There are other benefits. With natural stone, there will be fissures and seams. Quartz does not. Naturals also never look the same as those samples displayed in the showroom. They are prone to chipping and hard to replace. Quartz is custom made as a solid piece and, although heavier than granite, it is more flexible. It, too, requires custom installation. But the colors run true and there is a vast range from which to choose. Newer designer colors offer a palette that will meet custom decor.

Engineered stone can be placed in any part of the home - from countertops to floors to shower stalls. It will not become stained by oils or spray products (granite will).

As with natural stone, some care should be taken with regard to sharp objects and heat. Also use a cutting board when knives are in use as well as a hot pad or other counter protection for hot dishes. Most manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty (granite does not).


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