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Trims and Tassels: Simple Ideas for Embellishing Home Decor


Need a little lift in a room without spending a fortune? Try these simple trim and tassel ideas

Tassels and trims range in price from inexpensive to hand-woven and pricey. Either way, they make a nice and easy addition to the home. The best part is that a little goes a long way; overdoing can ruin the effect (unless you're seeking a more elaborate look).

The French word for trim is passement, and from that, passementerie evolved. They mean any type of ornamental embellishment applied to fabric, clothing, or just about anything else.

There are many types of woven appliqués, cording, trims, and tassels. Just peruse the aisles of any fabric store or sewing department. Once you're seen the array, the ideas will come. To get you started, try using a single large tassel placed on a doorknob. Attach smaller tassels to a rosette appliqué and attach to the corners of a chair or the box pleats on a sofa or ottoman. You can also attach tassels to antique pins or buttons for an eclectic approach.

Sofa cushions can be embellished with trim and tassels, too. Simple stitching will change their appearance in a hurry. As the seasons change, simply trade out trim. Trim can also make a dazzling different on window treatments. Create fresh tiebacks with cords and tassels or attach across the top portion of a drapery.

And when it's time for gift-giving, a tassel or other embellishment will make a package come to life. Faux suede ribbon or cords will add a luxurious element to any wrapping.

Don't rule out fringe and beading, either. They pair beautifully with tassels. Place them on lampshades, decorate the edge of a light switch plate. Or drape across the handle of a decorative basket.

Tassels can also be quite trendy for a young girl's or teen's room. Dye them in school colors or a complementary shade and make pushpins for bulletin boards or dangle from mirrors.

Once you begin adding a few tassels and trim here and there, you'll discover how pleasing a little embellishment can become.


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