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Do-it-yourself removable wallpapers are becoming easier to apply and have come a long way in design choices

If you have feared the mighty wallpaper challenge and opted for paint, now is the time to start looking at those rolls with excitement. From time to time, wallpaper takes a backseat to other decorating methods, including faux and decorative painting.

A wide range of new patterns and easier-to-use papers have begun to surface offering do-it-yourselfers more economical options for decorating. While still more expensive than paint, wall covering pricing is much easier on a budget that in years past. That's not say that you won't find a range of high-end papers. If you choose those, you certainly will want to hire a professional installer.

Even with the newest removable wall coverings, a certain amount of prep work is required, including removing the old wallpaper and using a plumb to mark off each section. The nice part, though, is that if you accidentally have a panel that is just a bit off, just unpeel it and start over. Removable wall coverings are easier to replace when you are ready for a change, too. Grab a corner and it will release from the wall.

These new papers also "breathe," which means that you should never have problems with underlying mildew. Without paste or chemicals, the papers won't shrink or stretch.

Removable wall coverings can also mimic some of the more popular faux painting techniques, including ragging, marbling, and sponging. You will also find them available in sheens, fabrics, cork, and an embossed effect.

Prints and patterns abound and run the gamut from country to pure sophistication.

You will be able to choose between two applications for removable wall coverings: prepasted, which means you wet the paper and hang - no booking, or unpasted - just apply paste to the wall and apply the paper strips.

Be sure to consult with the experts at your local wall covering store for the best application tips and techniques. They'll be happy to help.


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