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If you are getting ready for your first wallpaper project, you may need these supplies

-Bleach - use to remove mildew from walls before papering. Use 1 cup of bleach in 1 gallon of water and allow to dry.

-Box-Cutting Knife/fresh blades - for trimming edges of wallpaper at baseboards and ceiling, and around trim and other protruding obstacles.

-Bucket - for the bleach/water solution.

-Drop cloth - to cover everything, because the pasting process can be messy.

-Level - to make sure the plumb line is, well, plumb.

-Metal Straightedge - to make accurate measurements before marking the plumb line. Always check and re-check your measurements before beginning a wallpaper project.

-Paint Roller - for the paste. In some newer processes, the paste is applied to the wall.

-Paste - if you have not purchased wallpaper that is "pre-pasted."

-Pencil - for marking the measurements you have made with the straightedge. You'll also need a pencil for marking on the wallpaper for cutting.

-Plumb-line - for making a straight mark from ceiling to floor to align wallpaper strips. A weighted string is rolled out and then tapped to leave a chalk mark on the wall. Best used in conjunction with a level.

-Pre-Paste Activator - built-in adhesive creates better bond and slows down tackiness for easier placement. It also eliminates the need for a water tray and the mess that goes with it. Apply directly to dry, pre-pasted wallpaper and the paste is activated.

-Primer/Sealer - this product keeps the glue from leaching in drywall and causing mildew and lifting problems.

-Pushpins - these may be helpful to attach a plumb line at ceiling line.

-Putty Knife - use to apply spackling compound in rough spots, holes, and cracks.

-Sandpaper - use if the base walls have any raised rough spots or residual glue. If the paint or base coat on the wall has a sheen, it should be roughened up and then sized.

-Scissors - use to cut wallpaper strips.

-Scraper - to remove dried-on glue from previous wallpaper job.

-Screwdriver - for removing electrical outlet and light switch plates. Be sure to turn off electricity first.

-Seam Roller - needed for most wallpapers to lightly press wallpaper edges

-Sizing - also known as vinyl wall sizing. Used to help wallpaper bond to walls.

-Smoothing Brush - for brushing the top of the wallpaper just after it is applied to the wall. This removes air bubbles, but should not remove excess paste.

-Spackle - needed if the original walls have any holes or cracks.

-Sponge - needed to remove excess paste from trim and baseboards. Change water frequently, if using a bucket.

-Step Ladder - for starting at ceiling with wallpaper strips.

-Table - use the largest table you have and protect it with a dropcloth. You will need this for unpasted paper, especially, so you can brush the paste onto the back side. If you don't mind bending over - a lot - then you can do all this on the floor.

-Tape Measure - can use in place of straightedge.

-Tray - you will need this for pre-pasted wallpapers, so it should be an appropriate size to fill with water and hold each strip.

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