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Mini Blinds are Coming Out of Hiding


These little slatted blinds are showing up as decorative and durable must-haves for the home

If you haven't checked out mini-blinds lately (other than for a dorm room), then it is time to have a look. They have come a long way from the fragile, bendable, cord-breaking, products of yesteryear. And there are still some economical options and unique sizes that make them a plus for many homes.

The trick to utilizing mini-blinds is in layering. Plain white ones may be bland, but they are an inexpensive way to achieve privacy in conjunction with sheers or other drapery. With today's designs, however, they can be used as a stand-alone window treatment as well.

Actual size of the slats will vary from the micros (1/2"), true mini (1") and macro/Venetian (2"). The slats, or vanes, are now much more resilient when bent - they simply will not crinkle or be permanently damaged under normal care and typical abuse. Material options include aluminum, vinyl, and wood along with some amazing textile-coverings. They're available in dozens of colors, plus metallic, brushed, and sueded finishes.

Real wood minis made from basswood, poplar, and other popular woods are more stylish than the vinyls and aluminums. Faux woods are also attractive and long-lasting. These are recommended for use in humid environments and especially in bath and shower areas. Another decided benefit is they do not warp and will not crack.

Faux materials are coming on strong and from some well-known designers, namely Christopher Lowell. These are high-quality blinds with sleek styling - a perfect stand-alone accompaniment to the contemporary home. The major names in blinds have also stepped up to the plate to provide an array of colors and options that will suit many homes.

Even the minis have several options, including light reduction and sheer viewing. The former helps block all light from a room when the blinds are closed, while the latter is made with a maze of perforations that allow light in but maintains privacy. Many blinds are also designed to repel dust, which is a major advance from early days.

Also, as with other blinds produced today, minis have child-proof cords and many have self-lubricating mechanisms that allow for long use even with extensive up and down action.

Mini-blinds are available in most home improvement and decorating stores as well as at on-line retailers. They can be custom-designed to fit arches, narrow windows, and skylights.

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