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Pillowcases to Cafe Curtains


Turn pillowcases into curtains - it's easy and inexpensive

You may have an odd window here and there in your home or apartment that doesn't really merit much attention or expense. However, you still want it to look pretty and reflect your personal taste.

Pillowcases make the perfect little curtain - they're fast and easy to convert and, even better, require no sewing or special skills. The cheapest linens can be used, but it's much more fun to shop a few garage sales or bargain bins for some unique and colorful alternatives.

Even better, you may be lucky enough to have received a set of pillowcases that are embroidered or appliquéd - from a friend or family member. What a treasure! It seems a shame to keep them hidden away in a linen closet. Hang them for everyone to enjoy.

Curtain rods and mounting hardware are very inexpensive. You can also purchase cafe rings that are clip-ons and don't require any modifications to the pillowcase fabric.

These are a fun way to decorate a kid's room, a hobby or craft space and can be just as attractive in a kitchen window. For a kid's room, just purchase an extra set of pillowcases to match the bed coverings and you have instant matching curtains.

Heirloom or specially-made pillowcases can also come out of the closet as a display. You don't need a window. Mount a rod on a wall - at any location - and hang your favorite aunt's work of art. These look especially nice in a country-style second bedroom.

With the wide selection in pillowcases, it's simple to find just the right linen for those plain little windows.


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