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Window Treatments: Vertical Blinds


There are many options for vertical blind window treatments

Vertical blinds offer a host of decorating options that are suited to many decorating styles. They are available in a wide range of textures including fabric, wood, vinyl, aluminum, and combinations. Many are also energy-efficient (check out cellular models), helping to repel heat in summer and cold in winter.

They also called track blinds and most operate by attaching the vanes (the panels) to a headrail. A valance can add style and cover the top mechanisms. A series of hooks control the vanes and when closed, they'll overlap for privacy. The bottoms are attached with chains, weights, a footrail, or are freeflowing. Because of some movement, one of the few drawbacks is that verticals are not recommended in rooms that require total darkening. However, they excel at light control as the slant of the vanes can be adjusted for a little - or a lot of - light or pulled completely aside for traffic or viewing access.

Clean-up is simple, regardless of which material is chosen. Vinyls and woods can be wiped down; fabrics need only vacuuming with an attached hose. Some styles have removable fabric sleeves that can be washed.

There are many decorating advantages to vertical blinds. They add height to a room by virtue of their design, especially along walls with low ceilings. They are practical at large, sliding glass doors as a buffer to poor insulation. Oversized windows can also be covered with vertical blinds. Motorized options allow for installation for hard-to-reach windows as well. Plain Jane blinds or sheers are commonly used in layering with draperies as well.

The most common vane size is 3-1/2" and these will also be the most economical. A 2" vane is also available. They're considered more contemporary and come with a higher price tag. Custom designs are available for arched tops and bay windows.


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