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Basic Care for Area Wool Rugs


A wool area rug is superior to any other material and should be cared for properly

Area rugs can tie a room together by filling in blank spaces and adding splashes of complementary colors and designs. The best quality rugs are wool, which is the most durable and long-lasting fiber you could possible choose.

Wool, by nature, repels dirt and wear from foot traffic. Synthetics allow dirt to fall between each fiber and become embedded. Wool keeps the dirt at the top of the pile.

Non-wool fibers are tube-like while wool is coiled and springy. Even if wool wears down, the color looks fresh as it has permeated each fiber. Not all synthetics will accept color throughout, so as they wear with age, the color will fade.

Wool is resistant to fire, while synthetics are not. If a lighted match or smoking materials are dropped on a wool rug, just whisk away. If any char remains, use a large screwdriver or other thickened hard edge tool to brush it off.

Vacuum your wool rugs once a week in light traffic areas; more often in areas that receive a lot of abuse. Rotate larger rugs so they can "rest."

You can wet-clean wool rugs at home - once every two years is sufficient - but a professional is recommended to achieve the best results. Be sure to choose a carpet cleaning shop that also specializes in Oriental rugs; they will have the proper equipment to keep your rug safe.

Accidents will certainly happen, so you should be prepared with a first-aid kit for the rug.
-Dry cleaning fluid
-Clean soft sponges
-Mild dish detergent
-White vinegar
-A clothes brush

A few stains exist that should be attended to by a professional immediately. Those include: rust, mildew, and permanent ink marks. Call your local shop and ask before attempting to clean the spots.

Even wool rugs will, over time, show a little wear. Patterned rugs in medium shades will hide soil best. Plush shows footprints while loop, twist, and random sheared bounce back from traffic.

A wide range of wool area rugs awaits you. Now you are prepared to take care of your investment and enjoy its great beauty.


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