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How to Make a Holiday Wreath

Holiday wreaths create the perfect entry into a home or can be used as indoor decor

You can create unique holiday wreaths either from scratch using a bare base or one with the evergreen or other materials already attached. You can use wreaths on the front door, over a mantel, or any spot that needs a little extra decoration.

Your wreath should fit the theme and colors of your setting. If it's a gift, think how nice it would be to make one in the giftee's own color scheme. Holiday wreaths are easy to coordinate as you'll typically be incorporating reds and greens.

You will need floral wire, pipe cleaners, wire cutters, and scissors. In addition, you'll need greenery (if working with a bare base), ribbon and colored twine, plus decorative seasonal objects such as pine cones and holly.

When putting together any wreath, think about the balance and texture of the objects. If you want to spruce up pine cones, add a dusting of spray paint and a little glitter.

When you have everything assembled, lay out the objects on the table and around the outside of the wreath. You'll be able to get a better perspective of how the finished product will look.

Attach the greenery first and be sure to anchor it securely. Next, attach the heavier, larger objects with floral wire. Do not depend on glue to hold them in place. Now, you should step back and take a look at the wreath to make sure you are happy with the arrangement.

The secondary pieces should be added next. These will include smaller items that will add depth to the wreath. Finally, the accept ribbons can be intertwined among the main objects and the greenery. Ribbon gives a wreath flow and leads the eye from one spot to another. Use pipe cleaners to help weave and anchor the ribbon.

Holiday wreaths can be traditionally styled using a symmetrical approach: all items are arranged in the same design, interspersed throughout the wreath. For a more contemporary approach, try grouping the items in certain places for an asymmetrical look. A burst of pine cones could cover the bottom third while the top of the wreath could be adorned with holly.

Pine cones and holly are basic holiday wreath choices, but you can use any festive items such as miniature sleighs, angels, jingle bells, and glass ornaments. Spray on a little faux snow and you'll have a beautiful holiday creation.

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