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Wreath Making Basics


Wreaths are easy to make and with the proper base and fun materials can be adapted for display any time of year

Wreaths are much like welcome mats, but can be much more fun to make and display. Once you collect the right tools and choose the right type of base, you'll be on your way to making wreaths for every season and event - and even those times in between!

You can choose from several base types:

Natural, such as straw and willow
Foam, including wet floral foam for live wreath arrangements

All wreath bases will come in a variety of sizes and limited styles such as heart-shaped and decorative swoops. The type of base you choose will be partially based on the materials to be attached. Wire bases require that objects be tied on while foam and natural bases can be created with glue and floral wires and pins. You can purchase bases or, if using natural materials, create your own shapes.

Keep in mind that a wreath is somewhat fragile and may not last forever. However, you may see several months or years of service if protected from the elements and stored properly. In other words, it may not be sturdy enough to be considered a keepsake, but don't let that stop you from giving a beautiful wreath as a gift.

You'll find other articles in this section on how to make different types of wreaths. First, you'll need some or all of the following tools:

-Glue gun and extra glue
-Household glue
-Floral wire in a variety of weights
-Floral picks for grouping objects
-Floral tape
-Wire Cutters and pliers

-Wreath Base and decoration

The size of the wreath should correlate with the size of your decorations; i.e., smaller items go on small-sized wreath bases. Large or numerous items can look overbearing and weighty on too small of a wreath base. If you are using heavier items, a wire base may work best so that the objects can be anchored with wire (glue may loosen). Foam bases may disintegrate when glue is applied, so plan on using picks for these.

Before you begin, collect all your items and lay them out near their intended positions. This will help give you an idea of how the finished project will look. You can add to or take away as needed during the creation process.

Always keep an eye out for potential wreath decorations. Outdoors you'll find pine cones, branches, and leaves. Look for after-season sales and check the bargain bins for fun fabrics that you can turn into ribbons. Thank a year ahead for your seasonal wreaths and save money.

Creating a wreath is no different than making a floral arrangement; you want to achieve balance, flow, depth, and color. In addition, you will probably be working around a theme, a season, or an occasion.

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