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Seasonal and Themed Wreath Ideas


Wreaths can decorate the home for any reason or season; here are a few ideas for themed and seasonal wreaths.

You can make beautiful wreaths at home for any time of year or theme or event. Create a wreath for each season for indoors or out. Make a wreath for the kitchen or for the dining area in your personal color scheme. Hang a Halloween wreath on the front door and a holiday wreath over the mantel.

If you are creating seasonal wreaths, think about a transitional design. Can you remove a few fall items and replace them with holiday colors? Can you turn a summer or spring wreath into a Fourth of July decoration?

If you are building a wreath from vines, it's easy to create other shapes, such as hearts or curves. The ideas for design are endless - from country style to Victorian Christmas.

Ribbons, silk flowers and greenery, and lace are great items to look out for when shopping. Nature provides its own stores as well, including twigs, nuts, pine cones and seedpods. Any of these can be spray painted to create a color scheme.

The simplest kind of wreath can be made with one or more bows. Add red bows and hot glue candy canes for a quick holiday wreath. Add faux chocolate kisses instead of canes for Valentine's Day. Add Angels and snowflakes for a winter wreath.

Shop in the children's section for items that could be added to a whimsical wreath. Visit the jewelry department for inexpensive beads and pins. Make a butterfly wreath for summer or an alphabet block wreath for a baby shower.

Shop the woodcraft section at your hobby store. Many flat items can be painted and decorated, then added to a wreath for a multi-dimensional look. Stores add seasonal cutouts throughout the year, so you should find plenty to fit in with most holidays.

You can make a small sachet wreath for the powder room and these make great gifts. Make matching packets to hold the sachet from material remnants. Attach to a vine wreath with small complementary bows. The sachet or potpourri can be replaced from time to time with a fresh supply.

Make a harvest wreath from small gourds and colorful corn cobs. You'll need a sturdy base for this one. Fill in with dried seed pods.

A few quick tips:

-The average wreath will need a minimum of six feet of ribbon.
-If you run short on ribbon, fill in with raffia.
-Begin with the largest objects and end with smaller ones.
-Use wire whenever possible to attach items to a wreath. You'll have more flexibility when making changes than with a glue gun.
-Use fishing line instead of floral wire to wrap straw when making a base.


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