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How to Improve the Appearance of Your Deck

Your deck will look comfortably inviting and functional with these cosmetic improvements

Decks become our living spaces during nice weather, often more so than the inside of our homes. You probably already have outdoor furniture, a cooker, and a potted plant or two. There is much more you can do to enhance the appearance of your deck.

Here are some ideas to improve the appeal of spending time outside:

1. Add decorative tile to the tops of deck posts. You can purchase 4-inch and 6-inch tiles at your local home improvement or tile store to fit the size of your posts. Attach them using exterior tile adhesive.

2. During the hottest months, use chain link fencing posts to set up a misting system on your deck. Attach the poles with conduit clamps or drill holes into the deck rails. If you want to paint them, use a phosphoric acid to remove the coating first. Attach your misting string to the poles.

3. Place decorative flags around the deck to make it festive. Place the flat pole directly into the rails or angled off the side of the deck.

4. Many types of concrete sculptures will fit in with deck décor. If you want to age the concrete, sponge on watered-down paints and then apply a sealant.

5. If you enjoy the cooler evenings, set up a firebox or think about building an outdoor fireplace. Firepits often go on sale in the spring.

6. Expand your cooking area to include cabinets and a sink. Purchase used stainless steel accessories and appliances at restaurant equipment supply stores.

7. Need extra tables or cooking space when company comes over? Here's a handy table addition that will save deck space when not in use. Build a tabletop with foldout legs on one end. Hinge the opposite side to the deck railing. It will fold in and out as needed. Add a decorative top, such as a mosaic, and you will have an instant piece of deck art when the table is not in use.

8. You can never have enough lighting when entertaining outdoors. Whether it's decorative or functional, strings of clear or white lights add a party touch to the deck's profile.

9. Cast or wrought iron pieces and mosaic art will add a touch of class if not overused.

10. For open decks, rollout awnings are great. They are now widely available in both manual and motorized styles.

11. If your deck has a permanent cover, add a ceiling fan designed for outdoors. It is functional and an attractive addition to the space.

12. The days of redwood-only stain are long gone. Pick up a deck stain chart at your paint or home improvement store. You will find it difficult to make a choice from the massive selection of colors.

Once you have incorporated a few of these deck ideas into the design you may want to enclose it entirely for year-round use!




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