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Throw a Party in Praise of Apples

If you're crazy about apples, then it's time to throw a party to celebrate this delicious and healthy fruit

Few people can resist apples in one form or another. Think apple pie topped with ice cream or a slice of melted cheese. Fruit salads with apples, of course, are a wonderful lunch treat and don't forget applesauce as a quick and healthy snack.

You'll find tons of apple recipes to choose from when you're ready to celebrate the taste of apples and the beginning of fall.

When you're planning a party, don't forget cider and apple wines. Apples go well with cheese and if you want to have an all-out meal, remember that apples also complement pork.

If you're going to celebrate apples, you should begin collecting all things red, yellow, and green. Gingham tablecloths, placemats, napkins, and paper plates. An apple party lends itself to a casual atmosphere, so you can definitely get away with paper and plastic.

Since fall is such a good time of year to enjoy apples, be sure to include plenty of fall decor.

An apple party can be planned for any time of day: brunch, lunch, mid-afternoon, or evening.

You may want to host an apple party for kids. This one is simple; all you need are a few dozen caramel apples. Apple-shaped cookies work just as well and it will be more fun if the kids can do the decorating. Just set up plenty of table space and be prepared for a little mess.

The list of apple recipes is endless, but here's a good start, when planning a menu for your apple party.

Brown Betty
Baked (we recommend Rome, Granny Smith, or Corland)
Compote (any tart apple)
Cinnamon Apples & cinnamon apple rings
Apple fritter rings
Dumplings (Golden Delicious)
Coffee Cake
Apple Crumble
Apple-filled oatmeal cookies

You can throw an apple party any time of year, but fall is indeed the perfect time to celebrate the season and this delicious fruit.

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