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How to Send Flowers with Flair to Loved Ones

You can order flowers with confidence for loved ones, even if it's your first experience with a florist.

Sending flowers is a time-honored tradition for many events such as birthdays and promotions and holidays that include Valentine's, Easter, and Mother's Day. The thoughtfulness of the gift often outweighs the type of arrangement you choose. However, a little preplanning and foreknowledge will send the recipient into waves of long-lasting appreciation.

For any occasion - or just to surprise

Any spouse or girlfriend will probably love getting flowers, especially if the delivery point is one that will be noticed by many others. Women love receiving flowers at the office - the more to admire your thoughtfulness, the merrier.

You should be prepared with a few facts before visiting with a florist in person, by phone, or online. The more information you have about the giftee, the better-armed your florist will be to advise on the perfect arrangement.

It will help if you know the individual's personality and style; are they outgoing and bold or more introverted. This will certainly affect the type of flowers and style of arrangement: one may have tastes that are trendy and contemporary while the other may lean toward a country or Victorian preference.

The occasion, of course, will influence much of your decision, but you may also want to have a basic knowledge of likes and dislikes. For instance, what are her favorite colors and what type of flowers does she prefer? Some people simply have a distaste for flowers that seem too smelly or are too garish. The beginning stages of a romance could be damaged by sending the wrong flowers or selecting the wrong colors.

Beyond the romantic types and on to family members

You do not have to limit flower gifts to girlfriends and wives. Sisters, friends, moms, grandmothers, aunts, and daughters all appreciate getting a live gift bursting with color and scents. Even roses are appropriate for non-spouses or lovers if you avoid the romantic reds. Stick with yellow or pink buds for younger acquaintances and fully-blooming pastel shades for family members and friends.

To play it safe for most occasions, stick with lighter colored flowers in a species mix, if you are unsure. Most women ultimately prefer pastel colors or any unusual textures and patterns or hues that they are unaccustomed to seeing. New trends and shades will always elicit ooohs and ahhhhs from friends and co-workers. Remember, too, that blooming plants and greenery are always appreciated.

Have your sentiment written out exactly as you want it beforehand. Your florist does not have time for you to stumble over a brief speech to go on the card.

If you really want to impress, deliver the flowers in person, regardless of the recipient - unless it will cause any embarrassment or could be a potentially awkward time. This, however, could be the ultimate romantic gesture that will gain you favor in everyone's eyes.

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