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How to Send Flowers to Men, Acquaintances, and Co-Workers

Everyone enjoys receiving flowers - just make sure they fit the recipient and the situation

Yes, you can send flowers to anyone - friends, boyfriends, co-workers - who deserves recognition and praise. The thoughtfulness behind the gift is nice, but to make an impact, be sure you're sending the right kind of message and with respect to how it will be received.

Friends are great flower givers

What better way to honor a friendship than to arrive with a plant, an arrangement, or even a few fresh flowers thrown into a bud vase? This type of giving is great across the board with friends: males to females, females to females, and males to males. With friends, you'll know what is appropriate and what is not. Otherwise, stick with the rules that fall under acquaintances and guys below.

A great example of male-to-male giving is a housewarming big, bushy plant. Even a rosemary tree for the kitchen would work. Nothing fancy, but practical and sturdy is always appreciated.

For office workers and casual acquaintances, choose wisely.

You do not want to embarrass or cross politically correct barriers, so it is best to stick with potted or blooming plants. We think chrysanthemums can go anywhere and be socially accepted as correct in any situation. A boss' thank you or peer congratulations over a promotion are examples of flower-sending occasions.

Women can send flowers to other women as a simple "I want you to be happy," and can go to almost any length to make that statement. Be careful, however, to not show favoritism if you're a boss. You also don't want to look like a stalker, so make sure you know the person well enough for the gesture to be genuinely appreciated.

In general, if no one will be embarrassed by explaining the source of the gift to others, then you're on solid ground. Put yourself in their shoes before buying.

Yes, you can send flowers to a guy

Just be very careful how you do it and choosy in what you send. Many florists insist that guys love flowers and there is no doubt that they do. But there are certain flower types to avoid: no pastels and no traditionally feminine stems such as baby's breath. You can't go wrong with big, bold colors and large, exotic blooms in a copper container. No baskets or vases, please.

Our advice, here, is to be wary of overstepping male boundaries. You may know your guy well and assume he won't think a thing of you sending flowers to the office. The unknown factor, however, is how the other males in the office will react. Will they tease mercilessly (yes, even some mature men are uncomfortable with non-traditional acts) and how will it affect his future relationships among peers?

And, to be honest, if you want to acknowledge a promotion, the office may not be the appropriate delivery point. A boss simply may not perceive this acceptance of lovely flowers as leadership material, especially when too many office jokes emerge - that's a fact. If the male in your life wants to take it into the office, he certainly will, and he'll remain safe from stereotypical humor if he does it on his own terms.

The safest route is to make the delivery to his home. Plants that will act as decor or can be set outdoors are the best kind of "safe" gift if you are unsure of likes and dislikes.

Final Note for Beginners

Remember, your florist is a professional and is trained to handle all situations and offer guidance in choosing appropriate flowers. Be honest in what you want and he or she can direct you toward the perfect - and perfectly appreciated - gift.

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