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Ideas for Professional, Corporate, and Employee Gift Giving

You'll find there are many new - and old - ways to give gifts with class and style in the professional arena

Leave generics behind and take your professional gift giving to another level. You do not need to be too personal, but with a few ideas can provide gifts with great style. Even better, they'll be remembered long after the occasion has passed.

Holidays are essentially the times when employers - or their assigned assistants - are scurrying about deciding on gifts for customers, employees, and peers. If you're part of a smaller group, the burden may be on you alone to budget for and choose gifts.

Personalization is a great way to remember your clients and employees - not with your company logo or identification, but with theirs. Monogrammed items are very hot and, if done tastefully, will be appreciated and used.

Budgeting should always come first. Peer-level gifts can be personalized, but should be within the same price range. Your employees should be gifted according to status and longevity with the organization. A person in the mail room would, for instance, not receive the same level of gift as an executive. Clerks, however, should know they're appreciated and that's where personalization comes into play.

Ask a trusted employee for individual preferences if you don't know them. For your customers, a phone call to an assistant on the other end will reap much information. You may find that tickets to a special sports event or the opera will be favored by some while fruit baskets or a bottle of fine wine may be in order for others.

Personalized gifts can include meeting schedulers and daytimers. For frequent travelers, you'll find some very nice and state-of-the-art portable clocks. Candles and soaps need not appear too "personal" if they're from the best shop in town. Coffee table books are also wonderful gifts, especially if they're on a subject of interest to the giftee. Specialty upscale candies and chocolates are fine if you're sure they'll be enjoyed.

Presentation is also an important part of giving. A beautifully wrapped package of any size will be noticed and noted.

Last, present these gifts in person, if possible. That makes them special regardless of the cost.

Read this article for details on the etiquette of gift-giving in the workplace.


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