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Holiday Party Favor Ideas


When planning a holiday party, remember that favors for your guests will make a wonderful and warm memento

While you are planning your holiday party, remember to include favors for your guests. After all, perfect guests will be bringing a special gift for you as well. Party favors are a wonderful way to say "thank you" for sharing time and friendship.

If you are having a sit-down dinner, party favors can take the place of a centerpiece. Some ideas include:

-Hand-painted ornaments
Purchase clear glass balls. Remove the cap and pour in different colored paints along with a small scoop of rice. Gently shake the ball to distribute the paint. Pour out the rice and allow to dry - open end facing down - and allow to dry for a few hours. Replace the cap. You can place these in a large decorative bowl and encourage your guests to select one and take it home.

-Small baskets
You can find many types of interesting basket styles that are small enough to use instead of place cards. Fill them with holiday themed chocolates and enclose the package with red or green tulle. You don't want them to spill in transit.

If your guests are made up entirely of couples, purchase champagne flutes, fill them with a few pieces of candy and wrap in pretty ribbon. These will be very festive and are easy to pack up and take home.

For more casual gatherings, you can keep the party favors in a basket that can be brought out when the first guests begin their departure. You won't have to babysit it, just be sure that people know to help themselves. These can be gift-wrapped or packaged in nice little cloth bags and tied with gold ribbon.

A little advance planning will allow you to go one step further. You can order or purchase dated ornaments that are already nicely packaged. Just wrap them up and your guests will have a great memory of the year and of your friendship.

Other small holiday party favors could include candles, potpourri or sachet, or specialty coffees and teas. You can make your own holiday bags or purchase them.

A few notes about party favors:

Party favors should always be given upon departure rather than when a guest arrives. You don't want your special gifts getting misplaced or forgotten and guests should not have to wag an extra item around with them through course of the party.

Even for special commemorative events, avoid placing any of your personal identification on a party favor. They won't be appreciated as much if they have your name plastered all over them.

Avoid placing fragrance items near the food. The aroma may not be as pleasant when blended with that delightful marinated chicken dish.

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