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Need some ideas for easy entertaining? This is a great spot to pick up some tips and tricks for everyday entertaining and last-minute parties
Click on any of the articles below to find out more...

How to set up a buffet table

How to host a before-and-after party

How to host a brunch

How to host an evening buffet

How to hire a caterer

Catering Options for Parties

Dining Outdoors in Style

Display Food on Risers

Etiquette: The Art of Dining Out in Large Groups

Etiquette: The Art of Giving Gifts that are Easy to Exchange

Etiquette: Customer and Employee Gift Giving

Etiquette: Serving and Eating Messy Summertime Foods

Etiquette: Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Fire Pit and Chimenea Basics

Fire Pit and Chimenea Safety Tips

Fireplaces: Choosing the Right Chimenea

Fireplaces: Outdoor Types

Flowers: How to send to loved ones

Flowers: How to send to men, acquaintances, co-workers

Gifts: Ideas for Professional, Corporate, and Employee Giving

Party Favor Ideas for the Holidays

Party Hosting Tips

Party Ideas: Apple Theme

How to stock your party pantry

Stocking your party bar

How to design a party tray

Tailgating: Food Prep Tips for Entertaining

Thanksgiving: Turkey Tracking-Making Your Lists

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