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Join us at home - inside and out!

Here, you'll find ideas and tips for parties, decorating, and ideas for making your home more enjoyable.
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At Our Home, you'll find a wide range of information on decorating and entertaining. Whether you want a quick spruce-up for a single room or a widespread re-do for multiple areas, you'll find plenty of ideas here.

Start in our Painting section with articles on creating unique wall textures and selecting the right tools to do the job. If you prefer adding color with wallpapers, look for tips on types of coverings and ideas for applications.

Move on to windows with quick and easy treatments that will change the look of a room. Brighten with lighter curtains for summer and then head into the colder seasons with heavier draperies. Do-it-yourselfers will find instructions for making tab-tops, French door coverings and even custom fabric shower curtains. There's a host of ideas for selecting colors and coordinating with other pieces in your room. When you're ready to attack floors, we have some suggestions on selecting Oriental rugs. They're beautiful and will last forever if you make the right choice. There are also some great choices in regular rugs for outdoor living spaces, too.

Make a dramatic change in home decor with our Interior Design tips. You might be into Tramp Art or may choose to experiment with Southwestern styles. From the Victorian period to Contemporary, it's easy to gather a few ideas to get you started.

Lighting is another important area with tips on choosing the right fixtures indoors and outside. Bathrooms and kitchens are especially tricky, so we start with the basics.

Sometimes, it's the littlest touches that count - right down to decorative switchplates. Try these tips to spice up a light switch in any room. Does your home smell good? If in doubt; then a few aromatic scents can do wonders.

Once everything is in place, it may be time to get organized. We have some great ideas on how to stash existing stuff along with some basics for putting things in their proper places.

Now that your home is in great shape, it's time to entertain! For large or small parties, you'll always be prepared if the pantry is stocked. Another important aspect of a party is the buffet setup, along with how to make the use of limited space with risers. Create the perfect brunch, prepare for an evening gathering, or go for a fun and casual before-and-after affair. Don't forget to keep the bar ready for service! Catering is another option, but comes with its own set of rules, from the basics to our advice on how to save money.

Take the party outdoors, even when its cooler, with a fire pit or chimenea. These can produce roaring blazes or cozy embers. With so many new choices, it's easy to extend time spent outdoors into cooler seasons.

Heading into fall, it's time to talk tailgating and turkey! Make the most of any pavement party with tips for preparing foods to keep them safe and to save time once you arrive for the big game. Getting the turkey to the table is more than just cooking a bird. There are rules involved for both hosts and guests and we've also provided some tips on making lists so this very important family day comes together smoothly.

Entertaining outdoors in the summer months is something everyone looks forward to. Here are some tips on setting up with a little extra pizzazz, even for the most casual get-togethers. Of course, this is also the time to serve those "messy" foods - find out how to enjoy them without making a "mess" of yourself!

Etiquette is another important part of entertaining. We take it a few steps further in this section with tips for gifting employers, sending flowers, and even dining out in a group.

Enjoy your stay and check back often for new tips to make everyday living and entertaining even more fun.

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