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Weddings: What About the Cake?

Your wedding day is still months away - it's not too early to order the cake!

Choosing your wedding cake is not the first thing on your list, but should be arranged for after you have selected your colors and defined the theme and style of event.

You may have a favorite bakery and already know the quality of service offered. Go for it! But if you're unsure, then it's a good idea to begin asking friends for references and getting quotes. Once you know how many people (approximately) will be attending the reception, you can decide on the size of your cake. Also, be sure to ask the bakery or caterer how they set the price of their cakes. Some charge by the slice.

Arrange for a taste test, by all means. You may decide you want a chocolate cake and a white buttery cream frosting. Or you may choose another option, such as fondant. White icing is the traditional choice, but you are definitely not limited to that. You may want to choose a cake color that matches the season or better fits the theme of your wedding.

If you choose a white icing, you can go all out with flowers or other embellishments that match your colors. Rounds remain popular, but think about a square or rectangular cake to add a touch of your personal style to the occasion.

There is no reason you can't still have a groom's cake, although that tradition is less prevalent today. You can order a full-sized cake in another flavor to be served to those who have a preference or order small portions gift-boxed for guests to take home. The expense may be prohibitive.

If you're lucky, you may have a friend who is an expert baker, which is a great idea. However, if your wedding is on the large side, you may want to still consider a paid professional who will guarantee a cake arrives, no matter what. In other words, they'll have a backup plan if your cake meets some uncontrollable accident.

Many couples save the top tier to enjoy and celebrate with on their first anniversary. You may find that the flavor loss is not worth the freezer space. Think about ordering a "mini" version on your anniversary day that is reminiscent of your wedding cake instead.

Always choose a baker with whom you are comfortable. You don't want to stress out over the cake, either beforehand or on the day of your wedding. Arrange for plenty of time to set the cake up and make sure the delivery person will have access to the reception hall without having to make extra phone calls to track you down.

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