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Be a Girl Scout on Your Wedding Day

Be prepared for all those little wedding day emergencies that life may bring your way

When you spend months or weeks planning a wedding, you certainly don't want to be foiled by an emergency of the minor sort. This can include one button popping off, an accidental smudge, or even an unforeseen scuff.

The week before your wedding, make it a point to put together your personal wedding day emergency kit. You will want to take it with you to the church and the reception. Some of the items will be small enough that they can be tucked into a friend's purse - just choose someone who will be close by when needed.

Here is our can't-live-without wedding day emergency girl scout kit:

-An Emery board and nail clippers. You don't want a rough nail to snag hose or your dress or even someone else's clothing. The clippers are for unexpected hangnails that will bug you if not removed right then.

-Your face powder. Have a compact handy to check for last-minute sheen. You'll also be hugged and kissed repeatedly, so you may need to replace makeup as well.

-Alcohol wipes. You'll be doing a lot of things with your hands that can pass germs. Be sure to discreetly wash or wipe your hands whenever possible. You don't want to catch a cold halfway through your honeymoon.

-Sewing kit. These little kits can be lifesavers. Pre-thread a couple of needles with white thread and you'll be all set. Throw in a tube of glue, in case a bead or button falls off. It will hold until you can officially have it repaired before storing your dress away.

-Double-sided tape. This handy little roll will keep things from slipping and sliding around - on your shoulders or elsewhere.

-Clear nail polish. You know this one - it's in case you get a run. Also, keep a spare pair of hosiery on hand.

-Keep pain reliever handy as well. The stress and excitement could lead to a real headache.

-Just in case you get a pesky lipstick stain on your dress, purchase the wipes made for stain removal.

-Ladies should always have tissue within reach and this is no exception.

-Two last things: hairspray and deodorant. You may not know it, but you could need one or both before your big day is over!

You will surely think of other insignificant but handy items to throw in your wedding emergency kit. It pays to be a truly prepared girl scout on your wedding day.

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