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Romancing a Honeymoon - Making Destinations Special

A honeymoon is perhaps the most romantic part of the entire courtship and wedding process. As a couple, you'll be able to relax, be pampered, and take advantage of the aura that surrounds newlyweds.

Make your honeymoon more romantic

How you plan your honeymoon will add to its romantic aspect. Some couples choose to postpone their trip for a week or even months. This allows time to unwind after the wedding ceremony and removes the pressure of packing and racing to the airport.

You'll decide on the location together and according to your preferences as a couple. It may be a busy resort or a secluded bungalow on a distant island. Some couples wish to do nothing but lie on the beach all day while others choose to fill their nights and days with nonstop adventure. Some newlyweds may drive to their honeymoon destination or fly around the world. These are all romantic choices to consider.

Once you reach your honeymoon destination, ask about local restaurants that offer the most romantic ambience. Check into dinner cruises and private tours, but always get references from the hotel staff or locals, especially if you're in a foreign country.

Splurge, if possible, on your activities. If you are going to the theater, select the best seats you can afford; when booking a dinner cruise, request the first-class section. The exceptional service you'll receive for the higher price will add to the memories.

If you're watching your budget, consider reserving the hotel's honeymoon suite for the first night, then book a less expensive room for the remainder of your stay. The special amenities will get your honeymoon off to the perfect romantic start.

Romantic "extras"

You can find a host of romantic things to do on a honeymoon that are in addition to all the expected offerings. The honeymoon is your romantic dream come true and it should reflect everything you want. Make lists of the specifics - from the bed size to food preferences to fun activities. Research beforehand or speak with the hotel's tour director for options.

The room with a view is everything - and the ultimate romantic touch from sunrise to sunset. If possible, make sure when booking your honeymoon that you'll have an incredible room; however, if it doesn't meet your standards, don't hesitate to ask for an upgrade when you arrive. In some circumstances, the hotel may give you a better room at no extra charge. Be sure to mention it's your honeymoon.

A few simple romantic ideas include arranging for a picnic in a local park or on the beach. You can pre-order from the hotel's restaurant; they'll be happy to pack up everything you need.

Plan a new adventure together, whether it's active or sedentary. Visit a local vineyard for a wine tasting, then book a "couples" massage if the hotel has the facilities. A relaxing stint at the hands of a masseuse can be the precursor for a romantic evening with room service. Rock climbing, snorkeling, skiing for the first time, and touring Mayan ruins are terrific ways to enjoy special times together.

Don't be disappointed if you experience imperfect weather or a glitch in some of your plans; your romantic trip of a lifetime will have many options - even if some of them are last-minute choices - both indoors and out.

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