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Special Wedding Touches for You and Your Guests

Your wedding day can only be nicer with these extra special touches

You're familiar with all the standard rules of etiquette and have probably researched and read about all the niceties that will make your wedding special. Here are a few tips that will be remembered for a long time after the wedding.

-If you're having your wedding at a church, ask about fees for utilizing the nursery and children's area. You won't have to worry about stating "adults only" and your guests won't have to worry about finding a babysitter. Some reception sites are also outfitted with playrooms.

-If you do make arrangements for the kids, remember to factor in snacks or a meal with the caterer.

-Remember your vegetarian and dieting friends when planning the menu.

-Be sure to seat the younger guests closer to the band and points of entry by waitstaff. Your older friends and family members will appreciate the ability to hear what's going on around them rather than struggling with extra noise.

-Remember that some guests will bring gifts to the ceremony - they should be left with an attendant as they sign the guest book. Give your attending extra tape and request that she apply it to the tags so they will not be dislodged.

-Yes, you have a year to get those thank you notes written, but why wait? People love to be thanked and the sooner you do it, the better.

-Always have a contingency plan. Ask about cancellation policies and decide how you would get the word out if - horrors - there is a delay due to weather or illness.

-Assign someone, whether it's a close friend, family member, or paid attendant, to act as a "guide." He or she can keep lines flowing and make sure things are going smoothly in the background. Choose someone you know can handle any situation - they'll be acting in your stead around your guests.

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