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Soup Shooters

Line up those shot glasses and fill them with fun soups for a change in appetizer fare

Finally, shooters have evolved from a slap on the table in Mexico to Jell-O - and now to soups for a delightful appetizer serving. These tidy little veggie-based concoctions are generally served cold - and a touch thicker than the average soup - and they're a great way to provide a healthy alternative to a buffet table laden with salt and fatty foods. Not that that's all bad, either.

Another nice touch is to find great soup recipes that involve layering. This adds color and interest to the serving, similar to fun desserts with multi-colored layers.

Now, it's off to scour the "dollar" stores to find the right shot glasses. Check restaurant supply houses, too. You'll find a range of sizes that can be fun to fill. And don't rule out red wine glasses - they can be a step up in size and adventure. These don't have to be fancy or cute unless you find some themed versions that are reasonably inexpensive. Don't forget the demitasse spoons as an accompaniment - they're a perfect fit.

You can prepare shooters ahead of time. Place them on a tray and cover with plastic wrap. They may be a little unwieldy when moving from kitchen to table - use your imagination and create a unique serving tray with slots. (A framework of long skewers, painted and glued together in criss-cross fashion is one idea.)

Soup Shooter Ideas

-Perhaps the original - tomato soup and oysters, made Bloody Mary style.
-Or simply a thick tomato-basil combo with a dollop of sour cream.
-Another classic: Avocado and lime with sour cream. Add a top layer of gazpacho for the layered look.
-Potato soup with pureed broccoli topping.
-Lentils (thickly made like a hummus).

Remember - not too much in the way of liquids - these can be a little messy.
Shooter points - there are so many ways to prepare soup shooters. Think of your favorite ethnic foods and remember to include your vegetarian friends in the mix.




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