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Wine Tasting Instead of Tupperware?

If you're looking for a new experience in home party hosting, try a wine tasting

Home wine tastings have been stealing some of the spotlight from lingerie, candles, containers, and beauty supplies. A few select companies have now established hosting and consulting opportunities in several states. Groups of women or couples are finding this an excellent opportunity to expand their wine-tasting skills and have a get-together at the same time.

There are advantages to having a consultant come to your home. You and your friends will get to experience a variety of wines - many of which are not available at the local store. (That means you can, of course, purchase from the consultant's distributor.) The consultant will offer in-depth tips on how to taste a wine and what to look for in a quality beverage. Appetizer selection is discussed as part of the fun: which foods go with what wines, etc.

Some companies even provide the appetizers and/or plates, napkins, and glasses. In some cases, there may be a charge to the host. In others, the consultant purchases the wine and accessories, but is reimbursed if he or she makes a certain amount of sales for the event. A host and guests may also be offered discounts on future purchases as well as shipping costs.

The consulting side is similar in structure to all other in-home party companies. Recruitment, sales, and marketing are crucial, but many people are doing it just for fun and as an excuse to get together with friends. There is no direct exchange of wine or cash. The customer merely fills out an order form that is clarified as an "intent to purchase." The paperwork is then sent to headquarters and shipping is direct-to-client.

You can also check with your local wine merchant - many have jumped on the bandwagon and are offering similar in-home options. Either way, if you and your friends are sure to be buying interesting wines in the near future, it may be a fun excuse for a party.


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