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No-Bake Cookies and Cream White Chocolate Balls

Rating: Kid and Small Space Friendly

With each bite of these White Chocolate Balls, a little bit of Heaven arrives to stir up incessant ecstasy. Sure, that sounds a bit over-the-top, but so are these!

While searching for a no-bake treat, I found literally hundreds of the same cookie ball recipes across the 'net. So, why do my own? Because they looked so utterly delicious, and I was under pressure to create something sugary while we're spending some time in an RV, which means our resources are limited to a microwave, a small fridge and hanky-sized counter space. (Once you try these, you'll want to hop over to the Pitter Patter Cookie Balls recipe page and give them a try.)

You can certainly use Oreos, but I settled on Sir-Os to save a few pennies. There were a few that (just disappeared) were "pre-tasted," but two packages with a count of 84 cookies will make a pretty large batch (about 106).

These are all ground up in a mini-chopper (again, we don't have room here for a larger food processor) and it worked perfectly in batches. I tried the blender first = fail.

Leaving the cream filler in, they turn into a nice pile of chocolate crumbs.

Next, I wanted to experiment with cream cheese amounts. I settled on Neufchatel for a little fat reduction and ended up using 1.5 eight-ounce packages. That was just right. Next, it was time to roll between two hands to create little one-inch diameter balls. They don't have to be perfect. Time consuming? Somewhat. Messy? Definitely - especially when they become thick, gooey mudballs - which makes this a decidedly kid-friendly recipe during the ball-making process.

At this point, the balls went into a foil-lined rectangular container, then I lined the lid with foil and created a dual layer to go into the fridge. They need to firm up before coating with white chocolate. The leftover balls went onto paper plates. Tiny fridge - a little juggling and there was room for them all!

Then, my big finish included vanilla flavored almond bark white chocolate. The 24-ounce package turned out to be perfect for the amount of balls. Microwave melting made me a little nervous, but that part turned out to be easy, too. Just be patient. Work with smaller chunks, start at a lower power setting (maybe 5 or so), run in short increments and stir in between. It's important to work in small batches, because the melted chocolate will begin to firm up.

Here's a little trick I learned about coating the balls. Add two or two or three at a time into the chocolate. Using a single fork, roll a single ball partially up the sides, and as chocolate accumulates, most of the balls will be coated. Do the juggling with an extra fork.

When they're all done, it's back onto trays, separated, and into the fridge. Wait about 30 minutes, and then you can toss them into a plastic container for fridge storage - if they last that long.

No-Bake Cookies and Cream White Chocolate Balls
Makes approx. 106 balls

2 packages Sir O's or Oreos cookies (84 cookies)
1.5 packages Neufchatel cheese (brought to room temperature)
24 ounce package Almond Bark

Add a few cookies (broken into chunks) including cream centers at a time to food chopper (or larger food processor) and process until all pieces are fine crumbs.

Add in room temperature Neufchatel cheese and work with hands until thoroughly blended.

Begin forming balls, about one inch in diameter.

Place balls on wax paper or foil lined tray.

Refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

Break up almond bark and begin with about a third of the package. Microwave in increments of about 15-30 seconds two times on power level 5. Then, raise the power level to 7 or so and begin microwaving about 10 seconds at a time, stirring in between.

Add 2-3 balls to melted chocolate and use a fork to begin coating. Roll around and up the sides to fully coat.

Place coated balls, separated, on lined trays.

Refrigerate 30 minutes or until chocolate has firmed, and place into smaller containers.

Store in refrigerator until ready to serve.




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