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Chiles Rellenos-Basics

Fry up a batch of chiles rellenos for your next gathering or for a fun Mexican family meal

Chiles rellenos can be fried or baked and stuffed with any number of foods. In fact, rellenos means "stuffed."

For the best results, always use fresh chiles. We use poblanos, Anaheims, and even Jalapenos for appetizer-sized bites.

First they should be roasted under a broiler. Let the skin blister on all sides and then place in a paper bag to "sweat," which will help loosen the skin. After about 15 minutes or so, remove the peppers and place them in the refrigerator until you're ready to stuff them. This will keep them firm and easier to fill.

You will also need:
-grated cheese of any type. Cheddar, Monterey Jack, or a Mexican cheese such as asadero. You can create a blend if you like. You'll need enough grated cheese to fill the quantity of peppers you have on hand.

-Flour and buttermilk. Enough to coat the peppers. These ingredients should be in separate bowls for double-dipping. First in buttermilk, then in flour; again in buttermilk and then again in flour. You can add a bit of ground pepper to the flour if you wish.

-Cut a slit in the peppers on one side and add the filling. Do this carefully so you don't rip the tender skins. Canned peppers do not really work well for this process. You may need to close the opening with a toothpick speared through the edges.

Make them ahead of time and refrigerate. Then add the coating just before you're ready to fry them.

The stuffed, coated chiles can be deep-fried or skillet fried. Serve with a cheese sauce or a red sauce.

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