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Basics for Using a Quesadilla Maker

Quesadilla makers are festive and fun to use - try these tips for successful results

There are numerous pros and cons regarding quesadilla makers and several models are available. The unit we selected (Salton Santa Fe brand) is bright red and very festive. Most people love it for a variety of reasons - it's quick and easy without the mess of turning the filled tortillas in a skillet.

There are a few things to keep in mind:
-First, use only 10" or 12" tortillas. Smaller rounds will simple make a mess as the ingredients ooze quickly out the sides.
-Precook all meat and sauté veggies if desired.
-Dice all ingredients into very small pieces.
-Do not add salsa to the inside.
-Use only shredded cheeses such as Cheddar blends, Monterey Jack, etc.
-Do not overfill. In fact, the unit holds very little ingredients, so these are best (in our opinion) used as appetizers as they really make nice uniform sections with sealed edges.
-Use a pizza cutter to finish cutting through each section.
-Coat the non-stick surface with cooking spray for toastier tortillas.

Some advice:
-The lid becomes very hot; use an oven mitt.
-The lid does not have to be locked for the unit to operate. Let the quesadilla cook down naturally and press on the lid as needed.
-A crevice runs around the rim and is very hard to clean without digging with a toothpick or scrunched wet paper towel.
-When using for the first time, be sure to burn off two sets of tortillas or the first rounds will have an "off" taste (inedible).

Quesadilla makers are a novelty and for the price are a wonderful addition for gadget cooks who want to serve up some very pretty appetizers. They're perfect for kids to get in on the action - but with caution. Have the younger ones fill the quesadillas, but it is best for an adult to handle the heating process.

If you're new to making quesadillas, this is an excellent item for "show-and-tell" entertaining. For those who are accustomed to big, beefy dinner quesadilla, stovetop preparation remains the best.

See this article for more quesadilla information:
Quesadilla Making Basics (and stovetop preparation)


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