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Wood and Plastic cutting board products

Cutting boards come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and price ranges. Here is our list of plastic and wooden boards.

If you are shopping for a cutting board and don't know where to begin, read through this list of plastic and wooden boards first.

Wood boards

Bamboo boards. Rectangular. These are advertised as being equal to hardwood boards and will appeal to the environmentally conscious. They are coated with a food-grade laminate and should be cleaned with soap and water. Do not soak or put in dishwasher. Some models have feet attached to prevent sliding. Set of two is approximately $20.

Sheesham wood boards. Rectangular. Made of wood from India; looks like teak but is more durable. Easy on knives and resistant to bacteria. About $25 for a 15-inch x 10-inch board. A 10-inch round model is about $10. Hand wash.

End-grain round board. Premium hardwood. Versatile from kitchen to grill. Easy on knives. Do not soak; wipe clean. 15-inch diameter; approximately $60.

Cherry wood. Square and deep; looks like a butcher block with side finger grips. End grain and easy on knives. Should be oiled. 18-inch square; approximately $100.

Over-the-sink board. Non-endangered maple and birch. Adjustable, pullout wires extend to fit most sinks. Increases counter space. Hand wash. Approximately $15. Also available with built-in, stainless steel scrap basket and no arms. Approximately $40.

Turkey carving board. Perfect for cutting any meat; ideal shape for poultry. Hardwood. Hand wash. Slotted at edges to catch juices. 16 inches x 20 inches is approx. $40.

Crumb box. Made of hardwood. For bread slicing - collects crumbs in bottom for easy cleanup. 8.5 inches x 14 inches and 2 inches deep. Approximately $30. Use damp cloth to clean.

Natural fiber composite. Easy on knives and has been used in restaurants for many years. Resistant to bacteria and stains. Use both sides; one side is grooved. Dishwasher safe. 30 inches by 20 inches, approximately $150.

Maple reversible butcher block with detachable bars. Bars slip on near board's edge and tuck in at counter to maintain stability while rolling out dough. Hand wash. 16-inches x 20 inches and ¾-inch thick; approximately $70.

End grain maple. Octagonal with handles. Can be stored upright and is reversible. Hand wash. 3-inches thick and 18 inches in diameter; approximately $190. Also available with a built-in drip pan at $230.

End-grain maple with knife drawer. Rectangular and designed as a space saver with legs and built-in, slotted knife drawer. Easy storage size. Hand wash. Approximately 12 inches x 14 inches and $120.

Plastic boards

High-density plastic boards. Many types of economical plastic boards are on the market. Some are two-sided; others are single-sided with feet or non-skid bottoms.Cost is varied.

Rectangular, one-sided use; bottom is non-skid. 11 inches x 14 inches is approximately $15. Dishwasher safe and available in a variety of colors

Anti-bacterial with holder. Set of 3 boards can be stored in upright, space-saving position. Made in Denmark. Each board is 14-inches x 11 inches and dishwasher safe. Approximately $85.

Corian board. Slick surface; bacteria and mold resistant; also resistant to knife cuts. Range of sizes. Dishwasher safe. Starts at $20.

Chopping Mats. Flexible and multi-colored sets. Made in Taiwan. Hand wash with mild cleanser. 11.5 inches x 15 inches; approximately $8 for set of four.

Silicone flexible mats. Silicone on one side to prevent slippage. Heavy-duty plastic. Set of four in bright colors for safe food handling. 11 inches x 15 inches; approximately $10.

There are many brands from which to choose; shop around and you'll find the board that fits your budget and your lifestyle.

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