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Garlic Accessories Overview

Garlic lovers around the world are always looking for great accessories to use in the kitchen

If you are a garlic lover, you probably already have acquired several neat little accessories for preparing and cooking garlic.

However, some of you may have limited your accessories to a garlic keeper. One of those small clay pots with holes in the side and a lid. If you haven't looked around for garlic products, here's a short list. Remember that a combination of these would make great gifts for all the garlic lovers in your life.

Garlic Keepers
Garlic cellars come in a wide variety of styles. You can find small to jumbo sizes in most specialty stores. Clay pottery is probably the most common material used for garlic.

Ceramic keepers are attractive and many are colorfully painted. The pricier versions are hand-painted and imported.

Garlic Presses and Peelers
Flexible garlic peeler is tube-shaped and comes in four different colors. Place a clove inside the tube and roll it around on the countertop while applying pressure. The bare clove will drop out and you can rinse away the paper shell. About $10 each.

A second flexible peeler is actually garlic-shaped and made of silicone. Will hold about 3 cloves. Press down and roll it around. It can be turned inside out for cleaning and is also dishwasher safe. About $6 each.

Levered presses remain popular and are available in several price ranges. Just put in a clove and squeeze; doesn't take much muscle. Presses can be used with peeled or unpeeled cloves. Easy to clean with a non-stick surface. Many models are dishwasher safe.

Garlic Cookers
Cast Iron garlic baker: this high-end cooker is attractive and functional. Can hold several garlic heads and has an enamel coating. The lid provides a tight seal and cleans up easily. It is also dishwasher safe. Approximately $50.

The electric model sits easily on your countertop and is a great energy saver. It roasts garlic in much less time than in a convention oven and boasts a timer button. The manufacturer also states that here is no burning on the nonstick heating element. Hand washable, too. The price is about $30.

Miscellaneous Garlic Accessories
This handy-dandy little garlic gadget does everything except roasting. It's made of stainless steel, which means it will remove odors. You can crack the shell with the flat end and use the rounded pestle end to crush the clove. It is about $14.

Other odor removers are just as attractive and will look nice sitting near the kitchen sink. A similar version looks like a bar of soap and is about $8.

Garlic mandolin. This is a safer version than those guillotines from the olden days. No sliced knuckles. Place a garlic clove in the well and rub against the blades.

Garlic cutter. Boasts a revolutionary design. Vertical size. Just put a peeled clove in the bottom, replace the top and twist for nicely minced garlic. About $10.

Twist & chop cutter. Use the base to crush garlic, then peel. Place inside the round container and twist until you get chopped or minced garlic. Available in blue or clear. About $15.

Garlic lovers will find all of the accessories useful in their pursuit of the perfect meal. When you purchase one as a gift, be sure to select a second one for yourself. After all, who doesn't love garlic?

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