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Garlic Goodies: Food Product Overview

Garlic goodies will add that special flavor to all your foods

If you are a garlic lover, you are probably looking for ways to add more of your favorite flavor to foods. It is easy to add a pantry full of garlicky products with a trip to the local specialty grocery or health food stores, whether they are in your neighborhood or on the Internet.

The basics of a pantry collection will include garlic powder and garlic salt. You may also have a garlic braid hanging in a cool, dark spot. You should have a jar of minced garlic as a backup to the opened jar in the refrigerator. Granulated garlic is now available in a salt-free version

Other garlic goodies that should be on your list include:

Soup mixes that contain garlic flavorings. We found one gourmet product that included garlic in its special potato corn chowder mix.

Roasted garlic marinades. Perfect for just about any foods: meat, poultry, fish. Can be tossed over pasta or a salad and cooked in with hamburger.

Garlic sauces. Can be added during cooking or at the table. Some products have an Oriental flair that will go great with wok dishes. Smooth and chunky varieties.

Salad dressings. Can also be used for dipping. Roasted garlic, creamy garlic, hot and spicy, and garlic honey mustard are a few choices to shop for.

Appetizers. You'll find a range of garlic-flavored items to add to your hors d'oeuvres tray, including: garlic marinated mushrooms, garlic stuff mushrooms, spicy garlic pickles, hot chiles with garlic, and "eel" in oil with hot garlic sauce.

Snack items include garlic pretzels and garlic-flavored chips. For a double-whammy, dip the garlic pretzels in a garlic Dijon mustard. Add bowls of garlic pistachios, garlic almonds, and garlic sesame sticks for a garlic-themed display.

Garlic spray. The manufacturers of this product state that this is the best method to inject garlic flavor into salads. It can also be sprayed onto meats and into mashed potatoes. Can add to soups and sauces; just about any food that needs a great garlic flavoring.

After you have filled your pantry, you'll want to put together a few garlic gift baskets for special-occasion giving. Create your own or purchase pre-made baskets filled with lots of garlic goodies.

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