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Garlic Gadgets

Garlic lovers not only need essential tools for peeling, pressing, and cooking - they need a good collection of fun garlic gadgets as well

It is time to go beyond the apron that proudly states "I heart garlic." Garlic-shaped gadgets are a must-have for any lover of the stinky rose. They make great gifts, so now that you have this list you can start hinting around so that friends and family can begin the search for the ultimate garlic-shaped toy.

A kitchen timer couldn't be any more appropriate (except for the old timer in the shape of an egg) than a polyresin garlic bulb. Details are realistic; price is about $17.

You may have to choose your moment to don this purchase, but you can find garlic-shaped hats for those special clove events.

Coasters aplenty. You'll find terracotta with subtle art impressions or beautifully hand-painted ceramic versions styled for the classic kitchen.

Magnets will always be around for collectors of all kinds. Get yours in garlic.

Wine stoppers can indicate your love for the clove as well. Pewter top is, of course, shaped like a head of garlic.

For those of you who save empty wine bottles for the memories they hold, here's something that will put them to good use. It's a Garlic Winelight. Holds oil and fits into the neck of the bottle. Romance by the light of garlic.

You'll find many other must-haves that are not absolutely necessary for cooking garlic, but are great to own because they show off your love of garlic.

These will make a great gift basket for garlic lovers:

-Napkin holder in painted resin.
-Salt and Pepper shakers. Very cute and with a double base.
-Dipping bowl set with comical garlic base.
-Toothpick set.
-Spreader knives - available with holder, too.
-Tablecloth weights. There are very smart-looking.

Totebags and T-Shirts with a variety of sayings are available in many kitchen specialty shops and at online stores.

Now it's time to go shopping for all your garlicky friends and family members!

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