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Lobster Eating Accessories

Planning a lobster meal or party means having the right accessories on hand, including plenty of napkins

With lobster so readily available, either locally or from on-line shopping, it only makes sense to enjoy this delicacy at home. If it's within your budget, you may even want to plan a lobster party.

Before you have your lobster feast, however, you should have a few essential tools on hand. You can add lots of fun accessories if you really want to create a festive atmosphere.

First, the essentials: crackers, forks, and picks should be made available for each guest. Serving a whole lobster also means you'll need sharp scissors for getting to the tail meat. Butter bowls and small plates for lemon wedges should also be placed at each seat.

Lobster is messy, so you'll want to stock up on napkins and bibs. Paper bibs are cheap; shop around for those with fun imprints. Plastic bibs are also economical and colorfully adorned with a lobster design. About $6 per 50 bibs.

Take your lobster feast to a more festive level with these accoutrements.

Lobster party lights. Set of 10 lights and 12-foot long cord. Can attach up to three strings from one outlet. Lobster covers are 5 inches high and 3 ¼ inches wide. About $14 per string.

Jumbo foam lobsters. 16-inch foam cutouts can be hung from walls or ceilings. About $14 per dozen.

A wacky and colorful lobster pinata can hold plenty of candy and toys and will be great for the kids to break open when the meal is over. About 28" x 16" and approx. $14.

Don't forget to order partyware. You'll find fun plates in 7-inch and 10-inch rounds, beverage and luncheon napkins, paper cups, invitations, placemats and tablecovers at party stores or on-line. Prices will vary.

Plastic Lobster Glasses. Perfect for holding margaritas or other beverages of choice. Plastic base is lobster-shaped, cup is about 7 inches high and holds 13 ounces of liquid. About $10 per dozen.

You'll find plenty of other ocean-going merchandise to fit into your lobster theme. The more, the merrier!


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