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Tips for Quick Deli Meat Meals

Short on time? Grab some deli meat and create a gourmet meal.

If you're running late and don't want to spend a lot of time cooking at home, here are a few ideas. Stop by your local deli (or at the least the section in the grocers with deli selections) and choose a mix of meats. If you have a few condiments in the fridge and pantry, you're good to go.

Chicken (whole roasted or sliced)

Make a barbecued chicken pizza with a ready-made crust (keep a few in the freezer for emergencies). It's different and more economical than ordering in. Top with a thin layer of barbecue sauce, grate gouda or fontina, add thinly sliced red onions along with the chicken.

Chicken with noodles and peanuts

Prepare angel hair (because it's the fastest), add Thai peanut sauce or chili oil, toss with cut up chicken and sprinkle with peanuts and sliced green onions for a tasty dish. (You can also use pork for this one.)

Chicken quesadillas

These really are fast and easy, and you can use multiple skillets. Chop green onions, open a can of sliced mushrooms, and grate cheese. Warm the tortillas until they bubble up and develop brown spots on all sides. Add all ingredients plus chicken and salsa and heat until melted.


Mu Shu Pork

Heat frozen veggies along with pork slices in a skillet or wok. Coat with a blend of soy and hoisin sauce. In a separate skillet warm tortillas (or heat them in the oven in foil). Serve with extra soy. Add chow mein noodles and you'll have a feast.


Any pork or chicken is great for making taquitos. Use corn tortillas, roll them with pork and a touch of chili powder and bake until they're crisp. Serve with salsa and cheese dip.


Use chopped brisket to set up a taco bar. Shred lettuce, chop tomatoes, dice onions and grate cheese. Heat prepackaged taco shells and serve with salsa.


Heat summer sausage in the oven to crisp. Prepare a pot of angel hair or thin spaghetti. Add the chopped sausage to jarred spaghetti sauce to add rich flavoring and serve with parmesan.

These are all quick meal suggestions using canned or prepackaged goods. If you have the luxury of a free weekend, it's also easy to prepare these meats ahead of time. Divide them into meal portions and freeze. You can make taco meat ahead of time and it's ready to simply microwave and serve, as well.


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