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Eat Onions in Style

Onions are delicious raw, but they're also delightful when baked, grilled, or sauteed

The abundance of onions does not have to be relegated to slicing and slapping on a sandwich. Try these other delicious ways to cut into a delicious and spicy delight.


Even a hamburger or plain sandwich will be livened up with onions that are sauteed rather than sliced and added raw. Heat a skillet with a little olive oil and add onions and as much ground black pepper as desired. To spice things up, include a dash of chili powder.

Other uses for sautéed onions include pizza toppings, mixing with spaghetti sauce, and adding to salsa.

Baking and Grilling

Most baking and grilling techniques are interchangeable when it comes to preparing onions.

Best-tasting on the grill, wedges or thick rings can be added along with the meat and other grilled veggies. Marinate first in a favorite salad dressing or a splash of wine vinegar. Skewer them for kabobs if desired, but don't mix with other veggies. Onions typically take longer to cook.

Whole onions - plain. Slice of the top and bottom and remove outer layer. Place on a square of heavy duty aluminum foil. Add a dollop of butter plus salt and pepper and close tightly. Place on the grill or in the oven - these will take about an hour to be really tasty and done. Leave the foil open if using charcoal; but it won't matter on a gas grill.

Whole onions - scooped. Trim top and bottom (enough so that the onion will sit flat). Remove about one-fourth of the top but reserve as a "lid." Scoop out the insides carefully (use a knife if necessary). Fill in the cavity with butter, pepper, bacon bits, or other flavorings. Recap and place in foil for baking or grilling. If cooking on a charcoal grill, use indirect heat for at least an hour. When almost done, open up the foil so the onion can absorb some of the flavors.

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