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Homemade Pizza Crusts can be Stuffed and Herbed

Pizza Crust is simple to make at home - here's how to liven it up by stuffing and adding herbs

There may not be much you can do to a homemade pizza crust - basically herbs and cheese add-ons - but there are a number of ways to be adventurous with limited ingredients. These ideas will only work with dough made from scratch. You can also use frozen bread dough.

First, a basic crust recipe, which you can find here.

To get the best flavorings, herbs - either fresh or dried - should be added after all ingredients have been blended, but before kneading the dough. Experiment with different combinations, including minced garlic or powder, basil, and chopped sun-dried tomatoes. Oregano and rosemary are also great options. Go easy on the rosemary, however, as it can easily become too strong.

To create the stuffed edge, roll out the dough larger than you normally would - you'll need about two extra inches all the way around. You can use any melting cheese, but mozzarella is the norm. Cut a half-pound block into 4-inch strips and about ½ inch square. Place the strips about one inch inward and fold the dough over. Seal with water - dip your fingertips and coat the contact points.

You can also create a "double-decker" crust. Roll out two very thin crusts; one about an inch larger than the other. Cover the larger crust with grated cheese. Center the smaller crust on top and fold in the outer edges to close on top. Again, wet with water to create a seal.

See how easy stuffed and herbed crusts are to make?

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