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Argentine Chimichurri

You'll love the taste of Argentine chimichurri sauce - use it as a steak garnish or drizzle over crusty breads

In Argentina, a chimichurri sauce appears at the table for most meals. It's an addictive flavoring that is drizzled over steak, chicken, vegetables, and often served with crusty breads.

The secret to the traditional chimichurri is in roughly chopped ingredients and the base ingredients. The liquid comes first, then an herb, a brine, and garlic. From here, many variations exist and there is no "one" way to prepare it. Finally, the sauce improves with age - so it is best to prepare a day or two ahead of time.

For the liquid, use one of more of these:
-red wine vinegar
-extra-virgin olive oil

For the herbs, choose one or more of these:

Other ingredients include:
-red pepper flakes
-ground black pepper
-lemon zest and juice
-chili sauce

Don't forget the garlic!

The fresh parsley leaves should be roughly chopped (in a food processor if desired). Add herbs and spices, then the liquid. Some prefer a higher ratio of liquid to ingredients - it's all a matter of preference.

Chimichurri sauces are often served in restaurants as a topping for flank steak or as a dipper for crostini. It's also a great addition to fajitas or any other grilled meat or poultry. Try mixing some into a potato salad or over baked new potatoes.

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