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Mexican Recipes & Cooking

Check back often for new additions to the list of recipes and ideas for Mexican Cooking
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Hot Topics

Tamales Recipe
Wedding Cookies
Quesdilla Making Basics

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Breads: Puros


Cactus Fries

Choosing Mexican Cheeses

Chiles Rellenos: Basics

Chile Peppers: Hatch

Chorizo: Homemade Sausage

Coffee and Chocolate Drinks

Crockpot Meals: A Tex-Mex Spread in a Hurry

Day of the Dead Bread

Desserts: Bunuelos

Desserts: Kahlua Pie and Kahlua Mousse

Drinks: Refreshing Summer Fruits

Eggs: Easy Huevos Rancheros

Eggs: Huevos Rancheros Casserole

Enchiladas: Chicken

Enchiladas: Pork with Tomatillo Sauce

Epazote: the Mexican Herb

Our Muy Mucho Mexican Hot Sauce

Mexican Kitchen Equipment

Basic Mexican Salsas

Mole Poblano

Basic TexMex Red and Green Sauce Recipes

Understanding Peppers


Quesdilla Maker: Tips for Using

Quesdilla Making Basics

Easy Refried Beans

Green Rice: Arroz Verde

Sangria: History, Tips & Recipe

Squash: Chayote & Pumpkin Recipes


Tacos with Shredded Beef

Tamale Making Tips and Techniques

Tamales Recipe

Create Tasty Taquitos at Home

Tortas Recipe

Tortilla Presses

Tortillas: Corn

Tortillas: Flour

Tortilla Soup with Lime and Chicken

Tortilla Soup - Liquid (Aguada) Style

Wedding Cookies

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