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Our Hobbies
-Concrete Planter, How to make an easy
-Concrete Rock, How to make a
-Concrete projects, How to make a mold
-Concrete, How to make your concrete look old with paint
-Concrete, Different types of concrete mixtures
Gift Ideas
-Decoupage: Basic Tips and Techniques
-Decoupage: Nostalgic Gift Ideas
-Etched Glass Crafting
-Apple-Themed Gift Basket
-Gift Baskets from the Kitchen
-Jewelry, turn old jewelry into magnnets and pushpins
-Kitchen Recipe Boxes
-Gift plant, how to make
-Wine Bags, make your own
-Wine Charms, make your own & other uses
-Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays
-Mosaics, how-to basics and supplies
-Mosaics, how-to create outdoor hanging art
-Mosaics, how-to make a planter
-Mosaics, how-to make a tabletop
-Print and Painting Projects
-Clay Table Decorations
-Invitations, how to make basics
-Invitations, how to make layered
-Invitations, how to order at a print shop
-Japanese Nature and Fish Art Projects
-Japanese Spider Web Art Project
-Scrapbooking: Recipes
Misc. Projects & Tips
-Glue Gun Basics

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