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Our House and Garden has been around on the Internet since early 2005. Along the way, we have enjoyed sharing our expertise and past experiences in home improvement, decorating, entertaining and cooking across hundreds of web pages. (Not to mention some adventures in gardening and handling backyard critters.)

Over the past 30 years, we have built and remodeled homes, and we are avid do-it-yourselfers always ready to try a repair or a replacement installation if we can safely save a little money. We've also been lucky in having numerous adventures, traveling around the world discovering new cuisines and enjoying the vastly different cultures that come with such far-flung travels. At home, entertaining is among our favorite pastimes, which also means we experiment with various recipes and keep tweaking old favorites (not without some failures, of course). When we have it right, we bring it to Our House and Garden.

We will always strive to make each piece of information personalized and do-able, whether it's building a concrete walkway or coming up with special appetizers for a winter party.

We haven't done it all, yet, but as we tackle each project, we hope to share results that will benefit you or someone else searching for a solution.

You're always welcome at Our House and Garden. We hope you stay awhile.

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